Referral veterinary treatment

Are you struggling to diagnose your horse's lameness? Or other problems? Or not getting a confirmed diagnosis so you can move forward?  Has your insurance run out?, or you are not covered by insurance?  Then come to France, you will come away with diagnosis of what is wrong with your horse and treatment to be performed and work programme to get your horse back on track.  All at a very affordable price.


Should you require specialist veterinary treatment, horses are frequently transported to France to visit

the CIRALE clinic (click link for website).  This diagnostic clinic is part of the national veterinary school, and can perform MRI Body scan, full X-rays in clear and precise details, ultrasound scanning and bone scintigraphy.  Afterwards you will recieve a full report and advice on treatment to be performed, and a work programme.


Another popular clinic within the region is Clinic Stockwell (click link for website), which is both a diagnostic and treatment centre. Dr Stockwell, a specialist equine surgeon comes highly recommended for solving problems with your horse.  He has a very sharp eye for diagnosing your horse and he has

high-quality equipment to verify problems with your horse, and treat your horse.  I have never left either clinic without receiving an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong with an individual horse.


Following visits to clinics such as these, if needed, horses frequently stay here on livery for a period of convalescence or recuperation before returning home.