Damien Jehanno & Lorraine Kitzing - Les Quatre Routes, Iffendic

Lorraine & Damien run the Quatre Routes equestrian centre.  They are both qualified coaches.


Lorraine has a sports psychology diploma and is also a UKCC qualified coach.  She has worked in number of yards in the UK as a instructor, before moving to Schokemoehles yard where she was producing jumping and dressage horses.  She then moved to Paris setting up a livery yard, where she also was producing horses for sale.  Then they set the yard up at Les Quatre Routes, Iffendic where she is coaching and producing horses as well as competing in show jumping, dressage and cross country.  She is passionate about her horses working well and getting the best out of them as a combination of riding and teaching.  She is English and French spoken, her native language being English.


Damien started working as a rider at 14 for Fred Boilevin for 2 years, then followed by Olivier Jouanneteau for 3 years where he competed young horses and produced his own horse to 1.40m tracks.  He then move to Schokemoehles yard where he and Lorraine met.  At Schokemoehle yard he ran his own barn of 20 horses and competed and produces the youngsters up to 1.35m tracks.  He then moved to Donal Barnwel in the UK before moving back to France, where he has produced a variety of horses up to 1.35m tracks.  He now is running Les Quatre Routes Equestrian centre with Lorraine, where he is coaching and producing and competing horses up to a high standard.  He is very passionate with teaching and getting the horse and rider working well together.  He also has a flare for difficult horses, and getting a good tune out of them.  He is English and French spoken, his native language being French - so the lesson in English has a nice French accent!




Damien jumping Secret at Dinard ... Lorraine jumping Wellington at Le Mans!!!!

lorraine kitzing Damien secret