New Horse

Things to think about when buying a horse


When you're thinking about buying a horse, you generally know what you would like, but your budget may not stretch to your ideal horse - so there is always a compromise. But what should you compromise on?


If you buy a low-budget horse, you need to think about the amount of time and effort you would need to put in to make the horse into your dream horse. In monetary terms, you need to think about not just the initial cost of the horse, but also how long you will need to work with the horse before it is ready to compete. If you want to compete sooner rather than later, it may therefore be worth thinking about investing more in buying a horse which is closer to that stage. Bear in mind that most people will need between six months and a year to get to grips with a new horse - even longer if the horse is young or is problematic.


Questions you need to ask yourself before buying a horse


Is this a horse for life?


Am I looking for a general all-rounder?


Do I want the horse to compete from low to high level?


Am I looking for a horse that can be sold on if my circumstances change?


Do I want a challenge?


What level of ability would I like to achieve?


Please email me your requirement size, gender, breed, what you would like to do with the horse and an idea of your budget.