We provide livery stabling for horses here in Brittany. Horses in competition, retired horses, leisure horses, horses recovering from operations or illness, or just for owners who don’t have enough room or land to keep a horse at home.

Overnight stops and lairage.  Arranging  breeding horses by AI or natural covering, foaling and after care.


All horses are on kept on shavings, hay is provided, which can be soaked or steamed, two feeds a day are supplied (complete horse feed unless otherwise requested).  We have 13 boxes, 10 of which are in a 300m² purpose-built barn and the other three are in a smaller traditional stone-built barn.

6 boxes 3.5 x 3.5 metres

4 boxes 3.5 x 3.0 metres

2 boxes 5.0 x 3.0 metres (foaling boxes)

1 box 3 x 3.3 metres

All stables have automatic water feeders.  Horses can be turned out all day or all night, depending on the weather, in separate paddocks.  We also have a special carpet arena, based on sand with number of different jumps to test even the spokiest horses.

Standard Livery - Box, grazing, hay, feed, bedding, changing rugs and grooming.                        


Working Livery - Box, grazing, hay, feed, bedding, changing rugs and grooming cleaning tack

and working of horse 6 days a week - can be combination of lunge work, schooling, hacking

and Horsegym treadmill.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Medical Livery - depending of the horse requirement plus medical requirement...            


Grass Livery - Paddock including hay horse living out permeantly

Grass Livery - Paddock including feed and hay horse living out permeantly ( oct - april)

Grass Livery - Paddock not including feed or hay horse living out permeantly ( may - oct)


Full Livery mare and foal


Mixed Livery - 6 mth standard livery 6 mth grass livery                                                                      


Foal will be charged from the age of 6mth or when weaned until 18th mth including

special foal feed and hay            


Overnight stop                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Livery Rates


We are 20 mins from St Malo, 25 mins from Rennes and 10 mins from Dinan.

420 € per mth



500 € per mth




from 450 € per mth


200 € per mth

250 € per mth

180 € per mth


450 € per mth


300 € per night


200 € per mth



25 € per night