Here’s what you need to compete in France at National level.


1.Passport for your horse. Not an FEI passport – you only need an FEI passport for competing at International level

2.Certificate of Identification for your horse – Any British vet can do this for you – simply a letter confirming the horse corresponds with the paperwork

3.Horses require to have a chip / transponder

4.Declaration of ownership – which you can do. I can draft something for you to fill in.

5.From the British Equestrian Federation UK, you have to get a national certificate of competency

6.The final item is a licence for competition which we have to get from a recognized club in France.  You do need to join a club which will cost 75 € (my contact who is happy to evaluate is Patrick at La Cravache Equestrian Centre in St Malo)  He will also need to see you riding to see if you are competent to compete in France (also charge for lesson)

7.You need a medical certificate from a doctor saying you are fit to compete (from UK will be fine)


Otherwise if all the bits of paper are in order, we will send everything including the original horse passport and 120 € to IFCE, Institut Francias Du Cheval et De L’ Equitation, SIRE – Service Liste Sport, BP3, 19231 Arnac Pompadour Cedex, France. This might take a little while – a few weeks, so allow yourself time for this.


To upgrade to International, you have to do all the above and have a FEI passport and just register you and your horse on the website costing 20 € each per year – very straight forward once everything is in place.


Note: Important - on your horse’s passport, his pedigree has to be recorded. If the horse has no pedigree registered on his passport, he will not be able to compete at National level. (but you can do at club level).


The alternative way of competing in France is through the BSJA Uk, which is a simpler way of doing it if you are a member of the BSJA Uk.  You will still need.

1.Passport for your horse, which needs a chip number (copy will need to be email to French jumping federation – which I can do, takes about 2 weeks)

2.Letter from the BSJA Uk with your number, as a declaration of competing ( I can request this).

3.A medical certificate from a doctor saying you are fit to compete in horse riding in competition.

4.Licence for competition which has to be issued by a recognized club  in France.